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Book Review: QUEENS OF GEEK by Jen Wilde

FACTS ABOUT THE BOOK Title: QUEENS OF GEEK Author: Jen Wilde Publisher: Swoon Reads Price: $10.99 Pages: 262 Genre: Fangirls, Convention, LGBTQ* Year: 2017 BACK OF THE BOOK

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? "QUEENS OF GEEK" tells the story of the three geeky friends from Australia, Charlie, Taylor, and Jamie, who go to their first convention in the USA. Charlie has 3 million followers on her youtube channel and fans who are very invested in her love life. Charlie has dated her co-star Reese Ryan for a while and all the fans adored them together and shipped them as "Chase". But now they broke up because Reese cheated on Charlie and Charlie plans to portray herself as an independent woman at the convention. Charlie is a proud bisexual girl and always had a crush on the youtube superstar Alyssa Huntington, who also happens to be at the convention. When the two meet, everything changes. Then there's Taylor, Charlie's best friend, who is very introverted and has social anxiety. The …