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Book Review: GEORGE by Alex Gino

Author: Alex Gino Publisher: Scholastic Price: £6.99 Pages: 215 Genre: LGBTQ - transgender girl, Children's book Year: 2017 BACK OF THE BOOK

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? This book is about George, who is 10 years old and looks like a boy but feels like a girl. When her class takes part in a school play of "Charlotte's Web", George wants nothing more but to play the main character, the spider Charlotte. Since this character is supposed to be female, George's teacher doesn't allow George to play Charlotte. This makes George upset and leads to George trying to come to terms with her gender identity and thus coming out to her family and classmates. Ultimately, this book is about George who wants to become Melissa. MY OPINION There is not much text on each page of the book, wherefore it is an extremely quick read and feels a lot like a children's book:

WHY SPIDERS? Why couldn't it be follow the butterflies? My main problem with this book w…

Book Review: THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas

Title: THE HATE U GIVE Author: Angie Thomas Publisher: Balzer + Bray Price: $17.99 (Hardcover) Pages: 444 Genre: Police Criminality & Injustice against black people, Black Power Year: 2017 Amazon Link: click here BACK OF THE BOOK (Careful! Contains Spoilers that I did not know before reading the book!)

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? This book is about 16-years old Starr who is a black girl that lives in a poor black neighbourhood in which gangs and drugdealers and gunshots are a daily issue. Starr and her brother attend a school in the suburbs and are among the only black kids at their school. Starr feels like she has two different personalities, depending on whether she surrounds herself with her black or her white friends. SPOILERS: (happens in the first 20 pages of the book) As Starr and her black best friend Khalil drive home from a party they get controlled by a police officer. When Khalil doesn't obey the police officer's orders immediately but questions them instead,…