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Book Review: IF I WAS YOUR GIRL by Meredith Russo

FACTS ABOUT THE BOOK Title: If I Was Your Girl
Author: Meredith Russo
Publisher: Usborne
Price: £7.99
Pages: 293
Genre: Young Adult, Trans*
Year: 2016

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? This book is about 18-years old Amanda who is a trans girl. The book focuses on Amanda's present life in which she moves to her dad - whom she hasn't seen in a long time - and starts to go to a new school there. Amanda wants to start over in this new town where nobody knows about her being transsexual. It doesn't take her long to make new friends and get attention from some boys but her "secret" past is always on her mind. The book also shows flashbacks from Amanda's past - back to when she was named Andrew and was legally a boy. This book is a story about a trans girl falling in love with a boy and about her journey to accepting herself. MY OPINION ON IT WHAT I LIKED ABOUT IT This book managed to catch me right from the start because it is written in a way that makes it very easy …