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20 Reasons to Watch "PLEASE LIKE ME"

So I just finished this glorious show "Please Like Me" on Neflix and thought I'd give you some motivation to watch it aswell :D
Therefore here are my TWENTY REASONS why you should definitely absolutely most certainly WATCH this show.

1. It's on Netflix and therefore very easily and comfortably available for most of you.

2. It (unfortunately) has only four seasons with 6 to 10 episodes each. AND each episode is only 25 minutes long.
So I absolutely adored the length of the episodes because I could just devour the whole series in less than a week. You can basically watch it all through in a few days and trust me, you will - because it is addictive as hell. And I just loved squeezing a tiny episode in whenever I liked - because honestly, I always had time for some 25 minutes of entertainment. But I mostly ended up clicking on "Next Episode" and watched four episodes to a whole season in one sitting. No regrets.


I relate…