20 Reasons to Watch "PLEASE LIKE ME"

So I just finished this glorious show "Please Like Me" on Neflix and thought I'd give you some motivation to watch it aswell :D
Therefore here are my TWENTY REASONS why you should definitely absolutely most certainly WATCH this show.

1. It's on Netflix and therefore very easily and comfortably available for most of you.

2. It (unfortunately) has only four seasons with 6 to 10 episodes each. AND each episode is only 25 minutes long.

So I absolutely adored the length of the episodes because I could just devour the whole series in less than a week. You can basically watch it all through in a few days and trust me, you will - because it is addictive as hell. And I just loved squeezing a tiny episode in whenever I liked - because honestly, I always had time for some 25 minutes of entertainment. But I mostly ended up clicking on "Next Episode" and watched four episodes to a whole season in one sitting. No regrets.


I related so much to so many different characters and felt so at home with all of them. After a few episodes the series already felt like my comforting Happy-Time series. But that's actually a different point. Because all the characters are so flawed and not perfect and awkward and weird and so aware of all of that, it just feels so extremely realistic it's unreal :D It really astonished me that they actually had a script because no freakin dialogue ever seemed scripted to me. All the characters live such normal and actually boring lives and have not really extraordinary problems but exactly that is what makes it so extremely relatable. Basically, it makes you feel like a normal person because you don't envy them for their perfect lives like it is often the case in other series, but you rather enjoy having a great time with them.

4. It is set in Australia.

So I never really had that much interest in Australia. But then I watched this show and didn't realise that it was Australian at first, I just thought they talk in a weird mixture of American and British Accent (actually whenever I think that it's mostly the Australian accent). But then season 2 happened and there was an episode that showed one stunning STUNNING so stunning scenery of Australia after another and I just sat through the whole episode gawking at it. And in general the series really grew my interest for Australia.

5. Such an incredibly honest and normalised portrayal of GAY PEOPLE

So I have to be honest with you: I actually started this series just because I knew it would be gay. And it is definitely very gay but also so beautifully normalised gay. The main character is gay and therefore there are a lot of other gay people throughout the four seasons but they are all such different individuals and definitely not just defined by being gay. It is amazing to see how everyone in the show - and the show itself- treats the gayness. I have never before seen such a great portrayal of it. And the series gives still inside to gay issues like coming out, HIV and gay sex but treats it all as nothing groundbreaking and is thereby groundbreaking in itself.


I am so thankful that this series is not a sitcom because it definitely has the comedy factor of one, just minus the scripted laughing audience (I never liked that .. ever). But don't get me wrong - it isn't filled up with jokes over jokes and jokes, but we have to keep in mind that the creator of the show (to whom we'll get later) is a comedian and therefore it is of course quite funny and incredibly entertaining. Like I said before, this show made me so happy. I watched an episode and always felt so much better afterwards, so much lighter and just lifted up a hundred times. I loved that about it. It made me smile and laugh so much.  And it was especially beautiful in which way the series managed to treat serious issues in a humerous way that never made fun of anything but rather normalised it.

7. Incredibly realistic portrayal of MENTAL ILLNESSES

So this might not be a pull factor for you, but it definitely should be. It is so important to have representation in the media and to normalise mental illness. And PLEASE LIKE ME does an insanely good job at that. It has various mentally ill characters: bipolar, depressed and anxiety disorder, and depicts them all in such a realistic way. It really astonished me. The mentally ill characters have so much screentime and the audience really gets to know and understand them and gets an idea of what it might be like for them. The show also shows how other people act arround the mentally ill characters and what behaviours might be appropriate, helpful or awful in a situation like a panic attack. I learned so much through this series and definitely feel like I gained a better understanding of mental illnesses.

8. The characters

I could go on forever about the beautiful characters in this series. And beautiful is meant in such a metaphorical way here, another thing that I deeply love about this series. You look at one of those characters and might think at first, that they are not really attractive or even ugly. And then you get to know them, get to look underneath their outer shell and discover such beautiful beings.
I especially want to highlight JOSHs character here.
I must admit that I didn't know what to think of him in the first episode. He seemed like a very unusual and rather unlikable character. But through the four seasons I learned to love him a bit more with every episode. He is such a unique and utterly brilliant character, unlike any I have ever had the privilege to "meet".  He is incredibly caring and in such a long process of understanding and liking himself, but therefore so very understandable.
Arnold, about whom I don't want to say too much because he appears from season 2 on (so don't you dare stop watching it before he appears!) is one of my all time favourite characters ever.
He is the cutest most adorable most beautiful (this time inside and outside) character and I just wanted to protect him all the time. I believed every second of his portrayal and want to applaud the actor so much for doing such a great job with him. He was so believable.

10. The creation of this show in itself

Fangirl that I am, I had to google a bit while watching the series. (don't do that too much though or you might get spoilered) And I discovered that not only is the main character Josh completely based on the creator and writer of the show Josh Thomas but also that the best friend of the main character, Tom, is also the best friend of Josh Thomas in real life and is also called Thomas in real life :D I just loved that. And also most episodes are written by both of them and some are even directed by Josh Thomas. I am in such awe of this man. Josh and Tom are best friends since ever and did this amazing show PLEASE LIKE ME and basically just filmed their own weird lives and had such deserved success through it. I just loved that and it made the whole series feel even more realistic and more amazing to me. Josh Thomas is insanely talented, it's unbelievable.

11. super weird to super deep conversations

I am also in awe of the dialogues in this series. They feel so real that I really doubt they actually scripted all of it :D They go from the most random and stupid and strangest topics to very raw and emotional issues and I just loved that so much because I can so relate to that.
I loved listening to such complex and complicated but so real conversations and just being mindblown between feeling admiration for the writing of that scene and connection to what has being said.

12. The Opening Credits

Yeah, I'll be fine.
If you start watching the show you might think "What is that?" at first, but trust me, a few episodes in and you will sing and dance to it! I just absolutely loved the opening credits and its song. And I so loved that they mostly made food while listening to the song while themselves singing to it and dancing to it. That alone lifted my mood about a hundred times. And it also inspired me to cook and bake more while listening and dancing to music - so the show even had an actual effect on my life :D

13.  Such a Feel Good show

Like I said several times now - it just made me happy. I had so much fun watching it. And I neglected so many other series because I just wanted to do nothing else but watch my comforte zone series.

(14. The evolution of Tom from milkboy to hipster

Okay that might not be a great reason for you to start watching the show. But I rather see it as a "Don't give up after a few episodes!" reason. Because during season 1 Tom, Joshs best friend, is anything but attractive. And of course, one of the main topics of the show is that it is realistic because the characters are not attractive. And still I was very fascinated by Toms development into an actual grown up man. Just watch it man or I'll come up with even stranger reasons.)

14. ALL THE REFERENCES (Harry Potter,  Love Actually)

Yes, another 14th point, because the last might not have motivated you to watch it, right? So I love references. Whenever a book, movie, series references something else that I love it only makes me love the thing that does the reference more. :) And PLEASE LIKE ME did that a lot and concerning Love Actually in a way that made me cry so much... awww that scene.
And Harry Potter basically gets constantely referenced.

15. Caitlin Stasey

That might also not be a reason for you to watch it - unless - you adore her as much as I do. I have such a crush on her ever since I first saw her in REIGN as Kenna. And I was so happy when she appeared in this series. And her character is also very beautiful - inside and out. And she had such a great dynamic with everyone on the show - which is also one of the reasons why the show felt so real and comforting to me - because I could feel the happy time the actors actually had behind scenes while making it.

16. Dynamic of the Characters

Every single character on this show is so well written and it's incredibly entertaining, amusing and fascinating whenever more of them come together. It often felt like watching a theatre play but in the best way. Because they are all such developed and round characters it's just a joy to watch them interact.

17. The Show doesn't take itself seriously

That fact reminded me a lot of GIRLS, whereto the show is in general often compared to because of its realistic aspect. But it also reminded me of TRUE BLOOD, which is very weird since they actually have absolutely nothing in common? just that True Blood also never took itself seriously.

18. It does things that I don't like in such a beautiful and understandable way that I can't be mad at the show

Does that make any sense to you? I just realised that in many scenes.. Because the show is written, made and acted in such a great way, it could have basically done anything and I still would have enjoyed it.

19. Feminists, Body Positivity, Abortion, Polyamory

Although there are many men in this series, the female characters are very elaborately written and portrayed. All the female characters are strong minded, mostly feminists and stand up for themselves and for feminist beliefs. I mostly loved Claire, Ella and Hannah.
Abortion was also a topic in the series and again the show dealt with it in its beautifully unique way.
It was also the first time that I saw a show talk about polyamory and how that could play out.

20. You will learn and smile.

I learned so much about so many different and diverse topics while being entertained in the best way ever. I can so recommend this series to you and if you aren't homophobic I can't think of a reason why you would or could not enjoy it. Honestly, you will probably love it. PLEASE LIKE IT.



I hope you will now immediately grab your remote controller and turn on Netflix and start watching it and I wish you the very best of fun with it! Enjoy it while it lasts!

Because I am already through with it and now desperately in need and search of something even remotely similar to it.


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