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Review to "The Love Detective" by Alexandra Potter


Title: The Love Detective
Author: Alexandra Potter
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Book of a Series?: Yes, first book of a series.
Price: £6.99
Pages: 359
Genre: Romance + Cultural Road Trip Novel
Year: 2014

CONTENT (best to skip this, the less you know the more exciting the read!)
Ruby Miller lives in London and works there as a writer. Ever since her heart has been broken by her ex-fiancé she stopped believing in love - which is a bit of a bummer for her romance-writing-career. That's why her agent suggests her to take a time out and go on a holiday. Ruby obeys and enjoys a relaxing week with her sister in India. After that one week Ruby plans on flying back to London with her, only that her sister doesn't show up at the airport because she wants to stay in India to elope with a total stranger. Ruby can't let that happen and suddenly finds herself in the scariest and most exciting adventure of her lifetime.

I absolutely loved this book. It is the perfect summe…