Review to "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children" by Ransom Riggs, Quirk Publishing



Title: Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
Author: Ransom Riggs
Publisher: Quirk Publishing
Book of a Series? Yes. The first book of a trilogy.
Price: $10.99
Pages: 352
Genre: slightly scary young adult/children fiction? :D
Year: 2013


Some grandparents tell their grandchildren fairytales. But not Jacob Portman's grandpa.
He tells his grandson of a far away island, where he once used to live as a child. He tells him of the other children that lived with him and shows him strange pictures of them.
A flying girl, an invisible boy, a girl with a fireball in her hand, a skinny boy who lifts a heavy stone.
Jacob grows up and stops believing in these stories... until his grandfather dies a death that shocks Jacob forever and he cannot shake the nightmares anymore.
He discoveres more and more about the fantasy stories his granddad used to tell him.. until he has the change to travel himself to the island.
And what he discovers there will change his life forever..


I think many of you have seen the book in their bookstores but have refused to buy it because they thought it would be too scary for them since the cover looks quite creepy.
But let me tell you: IT IS NOT.
Yes, there are lots of weird and strange pictures in it, but besides that it is definitely not too scary.
In fact, it had the perfect amount of weirdness for this time of year.
I wanted to read something spookier so close to Halloween but didn't wanted nightmares or be scared to death by it. And I definitely wasn't.
The pictures are really the only "scary" stuff in there, and they are also not too extreme.




I really enjoyed it. :) I loved that the book feels much more "expensive" than other English books I've read so far. The pages are all very thick and pale and the cover protects the spine very well.
So it was really great to hold the book while reading.. something that is very important for me.

I adored the way the book woved in the pictures into the story. It made the book so much more peculiar itself and I was often a bit scared to turn the page and see the previously described picture for myself.
The pictures gave the story way more of a spooky vibe.
The bookcover and the pictures are all in black and white, which created an even darker setting for the story. (Still! It isn't actually scary at all, but I liked how it created the feeling that it definitely could be.)

I liked the protagonist and I could very much feel for him because the book took the time to really show his problematic state and the reasons therefore at the beginning of the book.

I found it very appealing that the overall main relationship was that of a grandson and his grandfather to be very lovely. I haven't read many books that focused on that so far.

The peculiar children were brilliant. I really want to read the two sequels as well, just to get to know them even better. Some of them were still quite opaque but others really showed some depth to their character.

I also enjoyed reading the dynamics between the protagonist Jacob and the peculiar girl Emma.
I found Emma to be quite a strong female character.

It's a pretty quick read as soon as one has come over the "What's going on here?" feeling of the first pages. I really loved coming back to the book whenever I continued reading it.
It definitely shows the reader a world where you can sink deeply into.

In my version of the book there was a Q&A with the author and some more unused peculiar photographs in the appendix, which I quite enjoyed.
But what really creeped me out.. actually more than the whole story before.. was that the author stated that all the photographs were actually real.
I was just staring at that sentence for a while and felt a shiver coming over me.
While I was reading the book I always looked at the pictures and thought about how they edited that...but reading that they were in fact real was really scary.



The monsteres. I wasn't too sure what to think about these. They seemed a bit too fantastical for me. They took some of the spookiness away from the story.
Becuse the children had all this creepy vibe around them since one could see them on the photographs in the book. But the monsters just seemed completely fictional.
And also the way they were described to look.. was just something that I am not very into.

The chapters were quite long. I often sit down to read "til the next chapter", which were quite some pages in this book. That always leads to me reading slower than I would if the chapters were shorter.
But like I said, I still found it to be a pretty quick read.

The abrupt ending. I was sitting there, enjoying my read,.. when I turned the page, and the appendix started. That took me completely by surprise. :D
I mean it obviously leads to immediately wanting to buy the sequel, but still.. it came a bit sudden.



Yes! I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend you to read it now, in Autumn, so close to Halloween! It was really the perfect book to read in this time for me, because it had that creepy vibe about it but wasn't actually that scary at all.



I award this book with 4 out of 5 stars. ****/*****

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