Review to "The Love Detective" by Alexandra Potter




Title: The Love Detective
Author: Alexandra Potter
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Book of a Series?: Yes, first book of a series.
Price: £6.99
Pages: 359
Genre: Romance + Cultural Road Trip Novel
Year: 2014

CONTENT (best to skip this, the less you know the more exciting the read!)

Ruby Miller lives in London and works there as a writer. Ever since her heart has been broken by her ex-fiancé she stopped believing in love - which is a bit of a bummer for her romance-writing-career. That's why her agent suggests her to take a time out and go on a holiday. Ruby obeys and enjoys a relaxing week with her sister in India. After that one week Ruby plans on flying back to London with her, only that her sister doesn't show up at the airport because she wants to stay in India to elope with a total stranger. Ruby can't let that happen and suddenly finds herself in the scariest and most exciting adventure of her lifetime.


I absolutely loved this book. It is the perfect summer book for me and I'm so glad I finally read it. (Bought it already two years ago) I adored it right from the beginning because it started in London, my favourite city, and the British-ness of the protagonist Ruby travelled with her through the whole book, which I loved. I always enjoy reading about protagonists that are a writer themself. It feels like a sort of layered inception, because I'm reading a book that was written by an author about an author. And because I'm very much into writing myself, I could definitely identify myself with Ruby Miller and also with her writer's block. And mostly with her lack of belief in love.
I related so much to her. She was scared but also daring and full of surprises but never out of character. It felt like I was going on a journey with her. Both getting to know her and India better.

And that's the second big thing that I liked or rather loved about this book: India!
To be honest, there are many places that I would rather visit than India and the fact that the book plays in India actually kept me from reading it for two years, because I wasn't that interested in it.
But now I would like to do nothing more than travel there asap :D
In some books you don't even know where the whole thing is happening because the setting isn't important at all. But lately I've grown to fall head over heels for intensive city and land descriptions in books. It just feels as if I'm travelling and exploring myself. *-*
And I feel extremely fulfilled with so many different, but all in their own way so wonderful, impressions of India right now.. and I keep thinking of it and .. well, this book has definitely opened my mind and heart for India.

I couldn't stop turning the pages because I was too hooked by it. And I loved that. Hadn't had that in a long while.. this feeling of being so into a book that you basically soak in all the pages until they are blank while the letters are inside yourself now.

It was also such a quick read. I finished it in three days which is really fast for me. And yet it contained so much inside those 300 pages. It never got boring, it was always exciting.

Sometimes the situation seemed absolutely hopeless and I loved that the author dared to throw her protagonist in those out-of-the-comfort-zone - situations, because it made it all so much more realistic and interesting.

I was also totally in for the whole mystical part. I think that some of you might not like that, but I very much did. After the whole book I myself felt so much more open to basically everything. And it made me think about my own life and what I believe in aswell.

The dynamic between the protagonist Ruby and her travelling companion was also extremely refreshing. It really deserves to be called "dynamic" because it was never quite what you'd expected.
They felt both very layered and also very much human. They were both thrown into uncomfortable situations where I was glad to lay outside in my garden instead of being in the situation that they were in, and they both showed flaws and weaknesses, which made me fall for them even more.

It's the perfect book to escape into someone else's life and adventures if you're currently stressed out.

 It just took me away from everything and let me live inside the pages.

I'm both excited and scared for the sequel now.
Excited, because I loved this book and am quite happy not to have to bid the characters farewell already. Scared, because I so loved reading this book in English and I own the sequel "Love From Paris" in German. And I can imagine that that will feel very different and a bit awkward. German translations are just too often awkward and embarassing. :/
But I will find out tomorrow, how it will be :) And you will soon aswell, when I upload my review on the sequel. That time in German, obviously.


I loved this book and would definitely recommend it to you if you want to hold on to summer a bit longer, of if you just want to travel somewhere else by book. It will lead you on to a journey and is very entertaining at the same time. The protagonist is a bloody amusing Brit and one finds many things in this novel beyond love and India and one's self.



I award 5 out of 5 stars to this book! *****/*****

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