There won't be any spoilers until I explicitly ask you to not read any further if you haven't read it yet!



I suggest you not to read anything at all about the content of this play because one information might already be too much and could ruin certain surprises and "WTF" moments for you!
The only two important things to know beforehand are:
IT PLAYS 19 YEARS AFTER THE BATTLE OF HOGWARTS aka it continues right where the 7th book finished.



One word to describe my reading experience would be: INTENSE.
I started it, first, not being able to read further than the first page because I already got so emotional there. :D
I had no problems at all with reading it as a script. It made it an even quicker and more intense read for me. But I genereally don't mind reading screenplays but actually enjoy that.
But I think one should definitely be aware of that writing form before reading it!

I did not read but soak the first 50 pages into me. It was such a magical experience, I forgot about all of reality and time around me and just lived in those pages. A reading experience I didn't encounter in a long time. Probably since I've last finished a Harry Potter book.

The book managed to transport me right back into this magical world. I shed lots of tears because I got so emotional and the plot seemed to intensify with every page I turned. And I turned them quickly. I couldn't wait to know what happened next. It was beyond thrilling.

By that time I knew two things: First, I cared immensely about all the main characters in this play and could understand them all individually and could relate to them and I understood why they acted the way they did, and still it hurt me to see what they did to each other.
Second, it felt as so this was Harry Potter's biggest challenge ever.
And maybe third: I felt that this story was so important and worth telling and that it was actually naive to believe that Harry Potter's story would just end with an "All was well."
At that point I chose to forget my idea of getting the "All was well." tattooed because that just wasn't the case anymore and tattooing it now would mean neglecting "The Cursed Child".
The story has quickly become so much draker than I would have expected it to and definitely not a children's book anymore.
I loved how all the characters that we know felt sooo true to themselves with what they said. The fact that it is a script didn't do their character's individualities no harm at all for me.

After a 100 pages, some action came in and I started to wonder how they could possibly do this on a theatre stage. I continued wondering that even more later on..
A new character appeared who I couldn't quite relate to and who felt a bit awkwardly placed into the whole world that we've grown to know by heart and love.

In hindsight I was a bit sad that this character was given so much more screentime than so many other beloved characters of the Harry Potter universe, who I would have loved to see and who I have waited to appear until the very last page.

After Part I was completely confused, as probably everyone was. I couldn't believe that they would take a break there and leave the audience that weirded out.
Luckily, I could just continue. :D

No, but I often felt the need to put the book aside for a few minutes, to properly breathe again because I was so soaked in by it that I forgot to breathe several times.

I then read Part 2 in one sitting I think and finished it and thereby the whole book at around 1am.
Now it's almost 10 hours later and I'm still stuck in that world and wish JK Rowling would just write more and more and more. Because I will never get bored or tired of reading new books of the Harry Potter universe.
There's just nothing like it.

As you could have read, I enjoyed it very much. There were several aspects that I didn't completely agree with but in the end it was such an intense, emotional, magical read, which I was so thankful for,

that I award this book nevertheless 5 of 5 stars.



Don't let anyone spoil the magic for you !



I hate male friendships. I so do. Because every freaking time I ship the bloody hell out of them. And I cannot help it. And this time I thought, no...  no... don't get tempted...
Their love and affection for each other is basically engraved in every page, isn't it?
Or am I really the only one seeing this? One would have to be blind not to ship them right?
Therefore I was very disappointed in the end when Scorpius still, after all that time, after everything they've been through, rather wanted to date Rose?! Bloody hell no.
Rose didn't treat Scorpius right at all and he deserves so much better.

Honestly, Scorpius deserves the world. He's my new favourite character of the Harry Potter universe. He's the realest and cutest and most adorable character I have ever had the pleasure to read about.
From his first line to his last, I loved every single one of them.

Okay, now let's get a bit more chronological.

First, I was a bit overwhelmed at how fast the story went. I expected to go through Albus Severus' first year of Hogwarts and that would be it.
But the fact that we didn't get to see much of the first three in fact, felt a bit as if that was taken away from me. Because suddenly, Albus was so melancholic and had a bad relationship with his father and I felt like I hadn't gotten to see the development for that.
On the other hand, that quick pace helped making the first 50 pages as intense as I've described them in my Reading Experience.

After 50 pages I thought: I love Harry and I love Albus and I feel so much for both of them and I so hope that they will get this worked out. At several points I was thinking of Star Wars and Kylo Ren and silently begged that Albus would not kill his father.

I also thought that this was Harry's greatest challenge because it was so human.

There were no magical forces or creatures to fight but this was more about building up a relationship and bonding with his son. Something that is so relatable and made me therefore even more emotional.

I loved that that topic was practically the main one throughout the whole book.

And although I really didn't agree with some of Harry's actions and choices, I liked the whole father-son development very much. I thought it was done in such a sensitive, fine and awkwardly-real way.
I loved how helpless Harry Potter, the name preceding him, felt with his son.
And that made the whole eighth story so important and its existent so valid for me. Because readers are left with that "All was well." phrase at the end of the 7th book and therefore with kind of a Happy Ever After.
But it felt so logical, that it was rather a burden than a free friends ticket to be the son of Harry Potter. And I didn't think of that fact too much before I started reading it.


Then the time travel.

I read about that part somewhere before I've started the book and wasn't too sure what to think about it. I didn't want to have any prejudices going into the story, and because I generally don't mind time travelling (although I never ever get it and it always f*cks with my mind), I just didn't expected it to be bad or good for the story.
Still I think it's better not to know about it beforehand because the less you know the more surprises you'll get. And I like surprises. (expect spiders appearing. Thank Dumbledore they didn't!)

My first WTF moment was the rumour about Scorpius' parentage. My mouth litereally fell open when that came up.

Now in hindsight, having read the whole book, I think it would have felt better for me if he actually were Voldemort's son instead of this Delphi... but more to her later on.

I loved all the scenes where all our beloved characters were together.
Ginny, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco just quickly evolved into a kind of gang and I loved it.

I thought Draco had such a great character development in the book, but unfortunately Ron felt very much one-sided to me. He hadn't much depth and was rather a comic relief character, which I found a bit undeserved.

But I missed Luna so much. And George. And Teddy?!

It felt so weird to me seeing all these dead characters again but not those who actually still live. I'd die to know how George feels now. Or what Luna does. Luna not appearing at all in the book makes me really sad. :(

But now to my major problem: Why Cedric? Why Cedric bloody Diggory?

Sorry to all the Cedric fans under you but I must admit that I never really cared that much for Cedric Diggory. Yes, it's important that he is a Hufflepuff and destroys the untrue stereotypes but apart from that, I think he had enough screentime in the "old" HP books already..
But to base the entire time travelling issue on bringing him back?!

I just thought that there are so many other characters that are more worthy of bringing back.

It felt so out of character for Albus Potter to feel the need to save Cedric Diggory.
Shouldn't he have heard more stories about Fred Weasley or Sirius Black or over Teddy's dead parents?
I just think that Molly Weasley would feel so hurt if she knew that Cedric could be saved but her son not.
And Fred Weasley died in the very last book, so he might have not changed that much.. but who knows.

Overall it felt as though JK Rowling has read all the fan fictions in which one just travels back in time and kills Voldemort at an early stage and with that play she wanted to prove again how bad and dangerous time travelling could get.

Generally it felt as if someone's read through Tumblr a bit :D

That Voldemort nose joke cracked me up. And the Scorpius - Rose connection also felt like a hint to Dramione shippers, although it felt pretty forced to me in the end.

Now to Delphi

I thought she wasn't quite well worked into the story. She just appeared there and it felt weird to me from that point on. I was disappointed that Albus and Scorpius didn't take Rose with them on the adventure but that older unknown woman.
And her whole plottwist was also not for me. I'm not repelled by the idea that Voldemort has a child. I just think that Scorpius would have actually been greater for that. I think if they had taken the rumour for a fact and a surprise in the end, that would have been way more interesting and shocking for the audience.

What I loved:

The Harry - Dumbledore scenes.
I got so emotional just having in my mind that I am actually reading new wise words from Dumbledore here.
I thought those were very important and touching scenes and it felt also very comforting to read Harry asking Dumbledore about his son and what he thinks about him naming his son after him.

BUT the scene that really hit me was of course the appearance of a certain.. SNAPE.

I reread his name standing there several times and it was just magical. I definitely need to buy myself a Snape funko now! I loved loved loved the scenes with him and for those scenes the whole timey wimey weird stuff may be excused.

I needed to read Snape knowing about Harry naming his son after him. My life feels so much more complete now that I've read this. Snape is at peace now I believe.

I also loved that McGonagall had so much screentime and was shown as we love her but also with a bit more depth to her. I loved how her relationships with her former students have quite evolved and in the end they still hadn't that much :D

I loved that Hermione was Minister of Magic. That was so cool, although her being a wanted rebel was also not that bad.
I was just a bit surprised that Harry seemed to be such a rather boring ministry man. It was nice to see them all working together but Harry felt a bit not fit being there..

I'm really angry that Umbridge appeared but Lupin, Sirius, Moody, .. even Lockhart, didn't.
I definitely don't need more Umbridge but I understand that she sould sympolise the darkness of that alternative reality.

I enjoyed the Ron and Hermione scenes and it felt like a reassurance to the Romione shipper because they basically fell in love in every alternate universe.


Over all it really feels as if someone has watched a bit too much of Doctor Who while writing this but I do love Doctor Who so that isn't that bad for me then. :)

So as you can see and as you know if you read the book (I so hope you have because if you don't than you have just destroyed it for yourself.) there is so much to talk about. And as I edit this there are still new thoughts about it popping up in my head. And I think it's important to talk about it with others.

Keep the Secrets.

Definitely. But many people have read it already so one can find others who have read it already aswell. :) Or write it down. Just let it out.


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